Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a highly advanced video slot developed by Microgaming in cooperation with film studio Universal. The game is based on the first Jurassic Park movie from 1993 and use of the main characters and dinosaurs from there.

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Jurassic Park slot overview

Slot type:Video slot
Slot reels / paylines:5 reels / 243 different ways
Return to player:96.6%
Min / Max bet:€1.5 / €15
Jackpot:95,000 in cash
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The movie was groundbreaking in its use of computer-generated special effects, and Microgaming has clearly created a game that is a worthy partner for the film. Jurassic Park slot machine includes everything from film images into new animated content made by developers to create an overwhelming gaming experience. Some symbols show short movies when they appear on the reels, and a little larger movie clips can be played back in large profits.

Jurassic Park slot can be recommended for gamers who like a lot of special bonus features, and if you like free spins mode with advanced wild symbols you should definitely give this game a chance. Special functions are available in both the base game and free spins mode.

The game does not fit either people who want to be able to choose how many paylines to be activated. Jurassic Park slot has 5 reels and instead of traditional paylines can win on 243 ways. This means that any combination of at least three of the same symbols on adjacent reels where the first symbol lands on the first reel gives a profit. You need not to bet exactly 243 coins to start playing. Your wager is automatically multiplied by 30, as if you were playing on a slot machine with 30 fixed paylines.


Features and Symbols

T-Rex Alert is a random bonus feature and is not triggered by any specific symbol or combination of symbols. When T-Rex Alert occurs, you get 35 wild symbols on the reels remaining in the six standard game rounds. They appear stacked. During the T-Rex Alert, you can’t raise your bet.

As symbols are used various dinosaurs and important human characters from the movie are also appearing on the reels: Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler, the mathematician Ian Malcolm and John Hammond the Park owner.

Wild symbol

jurassic park wild

Wild symbol of the game consists of Jurassic Park logo. Wilds can substitute for all other symbols except scatters. It appears stacked in the base game. Additionally Wilds pops up in a lot of different forms depending on the bonus round you choose.

Scatter symbol

jurassic park scatter

The scatter symbol consists of a mosquito in amber. As you get at least three scatter anywhere on the reels starts the free spins mode. So far, everything works as usual. But when you have played a total of 25 free spins, you get the option to choose a bonus feature and this is where it gets exciting.

Bonus Game

You can choose between five different bonus features:

jurassic park free spin mode

Tyrannosaurus Rex gives you 12 free spins with Wild reels. Wild symbols are stacked during the free spins. With a large portion of luck, the T-Rex actually can turn all five reels to wildcard reels.

Velociraptor gives you 12 free spins with a multiplier and shared Wild symbols. The multipliers can be 4x, 5x and 6x and they occur together with a wild symbol. It is possible for a Wild symbol to divide and become a double Wild. Thanks to double Wild symbols, it is possible to get six identical symbols in a winning combination, which pays twice as much as five identical symbols. Velociraptor is stacked.

Brachiosaurus gives you 12 free spins with a random multiplier. Brachiosaurus is stacked. Available multipliers are 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x and 6x. What a multiplier you get and how many free spins on terms determined by chance. It is possible to obtain new free spins during this bonus round.

Triceratops gives you 12 free spins with running Wilds. For each spins that do not generate profits growing stack with Wild symbols. This is called Running Wilds. It is possible to get filled with Wild symbols on a complete screen. When only part of a wheel is filled with Wilds, it can be pushed to try to create wheels that are completely full of Wild symbols.

Dilophosaurus gives you 12 free spins, where Dilophosaurus turns randomly selected places on the reels into winning Wilds. Each Wild then stay in his position until it will contribute to winning symbol combination.